• TRANS LIFELINE (877) 565-8860 (translifeline.org) "This line is primarily for transgender people experiencing crisis. This includes people who may be struggling with their gender identity and are not sure they are transgender...we welcome the call of any transgender person in need...If you are not sure whether you should call or not, then please call us. "


​The hotline is staffed by transgender people. All volunteers are trans identified and educated in the range of difficulties transgender people experience.  Additionally, operators will ONLY call emergency services with your expressed consent. 

Resources and Supports

Please be aware that Fortitude Therapy and Wellness, PLLC is not endorsing or in partnership with any of the above mentioned resources of support. The identified resources are in no way affiliated with this agency and do not represent Fortitude Therapy and Wellness, PLLC in any way.  The mention of these resources does not provide any kind of gain for Fortitude Therapy and Wellness, PLLC and is only provided to acknowledge further resources that may be available  to support someone who may or may not be a client of Fortitude Therapy and Wellness, PLLC. Additionally, Fortitude Therapy and Wellness is not liable and/or responsible for the actions of these agencies or services. It is an individual decision by the user if they choose to interact with the above mentioned resources. Fortitude Therapy and Wellness, PLLC is an  independent/sole proprietor and manager ONLY OF THE SERVICES IT PROVIDES. 

Fortitude Therapy and Wellness, PLLC

Mental Health Counseling and Consultation

  • WA RECOVERY HELP LINE  (866) 789-1511 (24 HOURS A DAY/7 DAYS A WEEK)
  • TEEN LINK (866) 833-6546 or (866)-TEEN-LINK      (Evenings 6-10 pm)
  • WA WARM LINE (877) 500-9276 or 877-500-WARM (Evenings 5-9 pm) 

Call Us:  +206-354-7971

  • 24- HOUR CRISIS LINE (866) 427-4747 or (866)4-CRISIS​​
  • KING COUNTY 2-1-1  Dial 2-1-1 or (206) 461-3200 or
  • (800) 621-4636 (M-F 8 am - 6 pm) ​​